How do I get more followers on Smule quickly?

Tip 1: Pay attention to a complete profile

First of all, it is important to note that all of your profile fields are filled out. On the bottom of the profile, you have the option to set a profile photo, set a background photo for your profile page and choose a profile color. In addition, you can freely define a short text. Here you have the opportunity to leave short information about yourself for others. If not all fields are filled in, you appear like a guest or visitor who just wants to try Smule quickly. There are many newbies who just give Smule a quick try and then uninstall it again. These often have incomplete profiles. If important basic information is missing in your profile, you may be interpreted by others as a guest and it is more difficult to follow.

Tip 2: Act personally

Generally, it is easier to get followers if you appear as a real person on Smule. Pet photos and stuffed animals as profile photos are also nice, but more serious singers are characterized by an at least semi-professional profile photo. If you appear here as a credible person who likes to sing well, this is half the battle to attract attention. Do not use passport photos, but ideally take a suitable profile photo for Smule that appears to match the music theme. This also leads to a higher chance of getting new followers. Avoid too cryptic profile names that are difficult for others to remember. Calling yourself with your own (first) name also testifies to a more confident appearance. With video participation, you usually get a higher chance of followers, since they are not as anonymous as audio participation. Singers who know how to convey a certain personal identity are much easier to get followers than users who want to remain undetected.

Tip 3: Open known or currently popular songs

If you open your own songs, you will notice that you get a lot of participation in some specific songs and almost none at all. If you choose the songs here that many new users like to sing along with, you automatically increase the chance of reaching new followers. Over time, each singer will find his own repertoire, in which he knows that a certain number of new participants will always sing along. Of course, there are also new songs that are currently playing on the radio. These are enjoying increased demand, especially for newcomers to Smule. Pay particular attention to how many participations your previous openings of certain songs had. You may get the most out of these songs.

Tip 4: Give other likes to get likes yourself

As soon as you have opened your own song, it can be found for other users for seven days using the search function. However, your new song is initially listed at the bottom. Song invitations that have received (more) likes are listed above. It is therefore advantageous for you to appear higher up in the list with your own song invitations. This makes you easier to find and more visible to others. The top position is of course optimal. You can only get there if you have received enough likes from other Smule users. At this point, Smule is a give and take. If you like other users or their song openings and participations, if you like a recording, others will also listen to your recordings and like to leave a like as a thank you. Don't blindly distribute your likes here - that's not the point. Use your likes specifically for your favorite singers who really deserve to be higher up. With your best Smule friends, you also have a very good chance of getting your likes back later as a thank you. Even if you listen to arbitrary recordings: If they sound fine and you can recommended them ... The little heart is clicked quickly.

Tip 5: Sing regularly

Building followers is a lengthy process. If you sing regularly and open songs, your invitations will be listed continuously. If other users are looking for open invitations, they often also look through which songs are still open. In the best case, always try to have at least one or two songs open at the same time. It pays more to sing regularly than to bundle a lot of songs in one day.

Tip 6: Treat everyone with care and kindness

Basically, you will get the most positive feedback if you treat other users on Smule in a friendly and respectful manner. Do not send circular emails, do not blindly send out invitations to strangers in large numbers. Selectively use emails and invitations! If you invite other singers to your song openings on Smule, check whether the song fits the corresponding singer and may already be part of their repertoire. Or search for singers who have sung a particular song particularly well in the past! A friendly, respectful demeanor is the key to gaining new followers and contacts. Avoid anything that could be intrusive on others, because then hard-won followers can quickly get lost again.

Tip 7: Pay attention to the quality of your followers

It is incredibly great to have high follower numbers on your own profile page. This makes you almost look like a superstar at first glance. However, experienced Smule users quickly recognize from a singer whether his followers have been won over time in a serious manner. If you have unrealistically high follower numbers due to tricks that do not match your own singing quality, you quickly appear unbelievable. Keep in mind that the value of your followers is to achieve beautiful song participation and possibly also to gain valuable contacts. A profile with a high quantity of followers has no value. It's all about quality. The very successful song participation puts a much bigger smile on my lips than a hundred entries with poor sound quality and crooked sounds, for which I don't have the time to listen to all of them individually. If the number of followers is too large, the likelihood that great successful shots will be lost in the crowd increases. So keep in mind that it may be more valuable to have qualitative followers than just too many!

Tip 8: Sing along with singers that you hope to follow

Instead of trying to gain as many followers as possible at one time, it can also be valuable to target individual followers. You have a good chance of getting a follow from singers whose numbers do not differ massively, how many people follow him and how many people he follows. If he follows significantly fewer users than he gets followed himselves, there is a very low probability that he will also follow you. Therefore it is most "worthwhile" to sing along with singers who follow a realistic number of people that fits to their profile. So take a look at the ratio between followers and follows beforehand. In addition, make sure that he actually listens to the participations of his opening and gives a like or comment. If the singer does not listen to the participation of others, you also have to expect that your own participation will remain unseen and you will not receive a follow. So consider which singers you want to sing with and what the chances of a follow-up are. Ideally, you will sing along with a song that does not yet have as many participations as other of his openings. If you manage to get a particularly good recording that will go unnoticed in the end, don't be afraid to send your song participation to the singers in individual cases. Many singers simply have the time management problem of not being able to completely hear all the participations.

Insider tip: The shortcut - the quick way

Now you have probably noticed users who stand out clearly from all others with their follower numbers. Although some are not professional singers, they still have five-digit follower numbers. How can that be? Well, there is actually a trick. It is the easiest way to upload your own arrangements via the Smule web access. These are instrumental templates that other users can sing along with. Some instrument templates are provided by Smule. Other instrument templates have been uploaded to Smule by other users. The trick here is: Whenever a user has sung about an instrumental template, they are then asked whether they want to follow the associated uploader. If an instrumental arrangement that is sung by many others succeeds, this provides a significantly higher chance of additional new followers. There are instrumental templates that have been sung over 10,000 or 100,000 times. Each time afterwards both singers were asked to follow. It should be obvious that this can significantly boost the number of followers. Although it is technically possible to download karaoke versions from YouTube and upload them to Smule, this is not legally permitted. Therefore, only your own instrumental versions with guitar, keyboard, piano or your own MIDI arrangements should be uploaded. Of course, the instrumental must then be sung accordingly often, which is not automatically a sure-fire success. The best are of course songs that are in demand on the one hand, but on the other hand don't yet have good instrumental templates on Smule.

Important: Always pay attention to the sound quality

A big factor is of course always the own sound quality. On the one hand, your singing should be right - on the other hand, your own microphone quality should be acceptable. And above all, you shouldn't make any recording errors. For example, it can happen that you destroy the singing of your fellow singer. Even a crack on the recording or background noise are not overly conducive to leaving an optimal impression. Whoever leaves successful recordings automatically increases the chance of gaining new qualitative followers.

No other singers follow me on Smule at all. What am I doing wrong?

There are some common causes that struck newcomers to Smule that cause them to get almost no followers at all.

A great way to get a new follower is to participate in an opened submission of a song by another singer. Then there is a good chance that the singer will like your participation and you will get his follow. Unfortunately, this does not always work and some Smule beginners do not get a follow back once. What can that be?

One of the most common reasons is the so-called "double" of the singing partner. It happens to some beginners that when they take part in a song they record the vocal track of their fellow singer a second time. This can occur if the singing of the singer is played through the earplugs or loudspeakers of the headphones and is recorded again via the nearby microphone of the headset. Then the existing soundtrack of the fellow singer, which is already occupied with effects, is recorded a second time and again with effects. This leads to a significant deterioration in the sound quality of the singer. If the original singer will hear the recording, he may be appalled by the deterioration in his own sound quality and will neither like nor follow the recording. The same double problem can also occur if an inappropriate headset type is used on an Android phone instead of the original headset. Here some constellations seem to lead to the original soundtrack being recorded again. If you notice that the voice of the vocal partner has changed from your original recording, you should definitely consider one of these problems.

Another reason may be that your sound quality doesn't sound very good. For example, you may not have adjusted the volume of your singing to suit the volume of the other singer. It can also happen that you have selected a bad singing effect. Newcomers often unwantedly choose effects that influence the pitch using autotune. I would strongly advise against this. "Super Studio" and "Polish" are very good effects for starters. Without a VIP account, the "Studio" effect is present, which is a simplified form of "Super Studio". Initially, only use these effects until you become familiar with other effects.

In any case, check your own song participation and listen to everything you have sung. Only then will you know that the overall quality of the recording sounds as you imagine it and how you can convince your singers for new followers.

Is your vocal quality on Smule not what you imagine it to be ...

Then you will find the first important tips for singing on Smule here.

Are you ready for the next step and want to further upgrade your sound quality ...

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